Administración Portuaria Integral de Puerto Madero

Puerto Chiapas , Tapachula Chiapas to February 25, 2016.

Conectividad ferroviaria entre Guatemala y México a través de Puerto Chiapas

Thanks to its connectivity Puerto Chiapas is considered an Intermodal Port, since it has various means of transportation: By land, sea and rail, to perform quickly and efficiently goods moving. This drives the port to be more competitive and many companies find it a logistical advantage.

For this reason API Puerto Chiapas is committed to strengthening the economic development of the region and develop commercial links, which, on 24 February this year, a meeting with the auditor Lic. Rafael Rottmann of Railroad Guatemala FEGUA was carried out, Ing. Domingo Barrios company representative BTL and Lic. Edgar Reyes Gonzalez, Director of API Puerto Chiapas in order to generate connectivity between the two countries, as the Mexican train stopped coming to Guatemala after the devastation caused by hurricane Stan in 2005; this project will help decongest the country's customs, as currently delays of 14 to 24 hours are presented in Adunas the southern border. In this way, by reducing the ranks in the border trade will be speeded up by increased tariff revenue.

Conectividad ferroviaria entre Guatemala y México a través de Puerto Chiapas

The project plans an investment between 3 and 5 million dollars to build Railyard including wineries, facilities and signaling through 4 phases: the first will be the freight Ciudad Hidalgo, Chiapas - Tecun Uman, Guatemala, where will launch a tender to expand this point to Puerto Quetzal, once built. Then to Escuintla 40 Km, which will be focused on passenger transport to Puerto Champerico, and from that point the railway Altos area in which various products such as broccoli, which is exported to New York occurs, the coffee and sugar exported by Puerto Chiapas. The fourth and final phase will be from Guatemala City to the Atlantic, and later an ecological tourist train. It seeks to promote the use of rail improving relations and exchange of goods between Mexico and Guatemala.