Administración Portuaria Integral de Puerto Madero

Puerto Chiapas, Tapachula Chiapas on 12 February 2016.

Princess Cruise Line inaugura temporada de cruceros 2016

With the stunning Island Princess cruise of 294 meters length, Puerto Chiapas reactivates its tourism. The ship of Princess Cruise Line docked at the cruise ship dock at 6:36 am, from Puerto Amador, Panama, carrying 2,131 passengers 915 crew which delight with our wonderful state, full of history, traditions and custom.

During the crossing of the Island Princess, Puerto Chiapas has a very important task because it is the only Mexican port visited, so our main objective is to give the Mexican identity in all activities, the family warmth, smiles, colors, and gourmet flavors that are delight to the palate of all cruise, which departed at 17:00 resuming his journey to Los Angeles, California successfully opening the 2016 cruise season.

Puerto Chiapas thanks to its natural wealth and culture has established itself and attract international tourism market, captivate your senses and emotions with its mysticism in each activity, the sound of the marimba and its beautiful landscapes, its harmonic specialized infrastructure and provides security and confidence on each visit, promoting unique experiences of this land, where Mexico begins. Thanks to all this, it has achieved to maintain itself among the most fascinating destinations in the Pacific, attracting the international market, generating business and industrial benefits, leaving an economic benefit to help the social and commercial development, enhacing during the last 10 years a tourist culture in the region, fulfilling the requirements of each tourist who wants to experience Puerto Chiapas.