Administración Portuaria Integral de Puerto Madero

Puerto Chiapas, Tapachula Chiapas a 29 de diciembre de 2015.

Concluye Puerto Chiapas el movimiento turistico 2015 con el arribo del cruceros Amsterdam y Seabourn Odyssey

Puerto Chiapas ends tourist season 2015 with the arrival of cruise AMSTERDAM Holland America and Seabourn Odyssey Seabourn. This december 24 at 8:00 am AMSTERDAM cruise arrived to the tourist terminal, with a length of 32.25m and 237.98m sleeve, from Puerto Huatulco carrying a total of 1,273 passengers and 611 crew; also on december 27 Seabourn Odyssey cruise arrived at 07:00 am to Puerto Chiapas, with 198.15m long and 26m wide, with a total of 442 passengers and 345 crew members from Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala, with these arrivals Puerto Chiapas received in December 2,652 peersons which enjoyed the attractions of the destination.

As a tradition in December, Puerto Chiapas, committed to people with needs, helds its traditional "posada" party, with the aim of providing a special and different day to poor people. Thanks to the participation and support of the port community, this year 50 children between 4 and 11 years from the DIF in Tuxtla Chico were invited during the stay of Seabourn Odyssey. Children learned about the activities taking place in Puerto Chiapas and learned some port culture, participating in various activities such as games and contests that were held with the clown "Pelos finos" and "Marina" the anchor, having fun, breaking piñatas, and at the end each child received a toy, which was achieved through the support of our port community.

Each year Puerto Chiapas is committed to increase the attraction of tourist boats, offering the best service in all its activities, from the arrival of the boats which welcome tourists with typical dances to the sound of the marimba, like the tours highlights tour offered by tour operators, and the continuous improvement of port facilities to keep the preference of shipping lines, thanks to this tourist traffic of Puerto Chiapas the 2015 seasson was closed with the arrival of 24 tourist boats which transported 52,385 persons on board, of which 35,356 were passengers and 17,029 crew who witnessed the work being done to remain "more than a port, an experience".