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New potential product in Puerto Chiapas

Intensa Actividad en Puerto Chiapas Puerto Chiapas, Chiapas, April 2, 2012

Thanks to the characteristics of the region, the bulk mineral stands as a major potential products of Puerto Chiapas, as product of multiple mines located in the municipalities of Acacoyagua, Mapastepec Acapetagua and which, Puerto Chiapas makes the best choice for export.

The use of titanium has become widespread with the development of aerospace technology, just as it can form alloys with other elements to produce highly resistant components that are used by the aerospace, aeronautics, military, petrochemical, food processing, automotive and medical.

On March 27, 2012 was held the second export of Titanium, on board the bulk carrier M / V Brich III, from Puerto Balboa, Panama, whith 140.22 meters long, 23.10 meters sleeve, and 13,781 tonnes of gross register, docking in the Chiapas coast at 7:33 am.

The maneuver load B / M Brich III was conducted in 120 hours, sailing on April 1 with 17,824.58 tonnes of titanium Industrias Unidas de Cobalto, with final destination in Hong Kong.

Some of the products in which titanium is used in the armor, lighter vehicle bodies, construction of submarines, missiles, aircraft, propellers, rockets, watches, bracelets, golf clubs, bicycles and fishing rods.